A Few of the Thank You Notes from Foster Parents 2018

Dear Generous donors, I as a foster parent wanted to take a few minutes to show my gratitude to you for making this Christmas a dream come true for my little blessings. We had three very excited and overjoyed kids on Christmas morning. I only wish you could have seen their faces and then you would understand just how much you impacted their lives. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to get them exactly what they wished for and more. The gifts were perfect and the organization and planning that went into the whole project blew my husband and myself away. The love and kindness was overwhelming. Again I can’t thank you enough. I want you to know we appreciated it very much. God Bless y’all. Love from three little angels and the Henry Family. PS! I meant it. When we went to pick them up I was blown away by the love and Christmas spirit. Could you make sure all of the volunteers get a Thank You from us. They did a WONDERFUL job. -- -- Foster Parent

You guys really mean the world to me as a foster parent. I truly appreciate the Christmas gifts each year. It helps out tremendously. I have biological kids of my own and with you all's help, it makes it much more manageable at that time of year. One of the foster children received a bike and was so joyful and expressed that this Christmas was the best ever. I can't thank you enough for your blessings! -- S. David Foster Parent

Thank you SO much for helping us with Christmas this year. We have four young girls in our home, two of them foster daughters. You helped us make it magical and memorable, relieving one stress off of our fairly stressful life. Thank you! -- Leaverton Family

I want to say thank you everyone for taking out the time to help the foster children to make them feel special on Christmas day without you guys some children wouldn't be able to enjoy Christmas. May God bless many years coming. -- Latoria A. Foster Mom

Please excuse the crazy hair and small shirt (laundry day). But Natalie and her brother absolutely love the trampoline. They were constantly jumping on the furniture and now...not so much! Phew! We appreciate all you guys do. Last year you shopped for two kids, but we had the privilege of adopting one of them. Now, this spring, we will adopt his sister, so we are hoping you'll have one less kid to shop for. Yay! Many blessings to you all. -- A. Johnson Foster & Adoptive Family

Read to me!, Read to me! They loved the toys but the books with their favorite characters were the biggest hit! -- Jedro Foster Family

Thank you seems so inadequate to express our deepest gratitude for the generous gifts donated to the foster children in our home. Christmas Wish Project afforded each of our children the joy experienced by so many children on Christmas morning. You are a great organization, worthy of both financial and volunteer support. Blessings as you continue your labor of love for these precious children! -- May Family

Thank you so much for the donations received that made it possible for children in foster care to have a wonderful Christmas. The generosity filled many children's Christmas wishes during this difficult time in their lives. Thank you so much. -- Flannery Family

You have been a Blessing to my foster children's, I can't Thank You enough being a single foster mom for 37 years you made me and my kids feel very special. Continue to do the great work that God have given you'll. These precious children are all little Angels in God sight. THANK YOU. -- Lorraine P. Foster Mom

Sometimes when you sit back and look at all the good in the world it almost makes the bad go away! Thanks to everyone who donated and worked so hard to help make Christmas better for kids in foster care! You will never know how much help and what a blessing this truly is -- Sherry H.

Thank you so much for the Christmas gifts, we are so happy with the girls having fun with their toys from you. Of course they don't know they are from you, but they are happy that Santa Claus brought them some big gifts, even though they don't live in their biological house. Thank you so much again, the girls feel very happy and very special. -- Lomeli Family

We would like to say thank you to everyone involved your organization for their generosity. The gifts received from the Christmas Wish Project helped our foster child have an amazing first Christmas. Seeing him laugh and play with his new toys is priceless, so thank you again for helping make that possible. - James & Carroll, Foster Parents

B enjoyed the skates and skateboard she received this year for Christmas. It was at the top of her wish list and she was overcome with joy and gratefulness! I would like to thank each and every one of you for all that you do and continue to do with much blessings! -- Ardia R Foster Parent

I would like to thank each and every one who donated to the Christmas wish project. The children in my care were so happy and excited for the gifts. They were able to bless my children with everything they wished for. I am sincerely grateful and may God continue to bless you so that you will continue to bless the less fortunate. -- Michele L. Foster Parent

My name is Brenda and I would like to thank all the donors that made Christmas a time that all the children will not forget. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart because I wouldn't know what I would have done. You are the ones that we can depend on when everything else fail. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!!!!!!!! -- Brenda S.

Would like to thank The Christmas Wish Project for providing two of my families (7 kids in all) with Christmas gifts. Four of these children were removed from their home five days before Christmas and I feel the gifts at least provided them something to be happy about at this time of year. The other three children would not have had any gifts if it wasn’t for you. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! -- Crystal J. CPS Investigator IV

A few days till Christmas with newly placed foster kids and you ladies were there for us!. I want to thank you for all you do and all your hard work. You will never know how appreciative my families were for those last minute gifts and how many happy little faces there will be on Christmas morning because of your groups work and effort. -- L. Washington CPS Caseworker

To watch the children in our care, open the gifts on Christmas day, and to realize that Santa didn't forget where they were, was a complete joy and delight. To all of you who put in your hard work and time to make this a success for hundreds of children, each year, again I would like to say thank you. And may God continue to expand your finances and boundaries. -- B. Hepler Foster Parent

Sometimes kids are not aware that so many outside people help them but I wanted them to know that there are people that love and think about them such as this particular project. My 4 teenage foster daughters love, love, love their gift. -- Gwen W. Foster Parent

I can truly say that my houses of foster children were excited and their faces lite up as I have never seen since they came into care. Their situation is so heartbreaking and we have seen far too many tears of pain. These smiles and laughter were the best gift of all. -- T McKee Foster Parent

Most of our children have never seen Christmas with gifts. This year our children received Christmas Gifts that they asked for. As caseworkers, we are amazed of the generosity from perfect strangers. It assures us that all this is for a reason and that some people still care. From all of us here, I want to say thank you for the gifts for our children, they appreciate it more than you will ever know. -- Crystal L. Child Protective Service CVS Specialist I

Thank you guys so much! Had it not been for Mrs. Gail dropping what she was doing and making me a priority, the boys I requested bikes for would not have received anything for Christmas. I enjoyed helping to put a smile on their faces. I am a caseworker at Ben Avenue. -- L. Sample (DFPS)

I want to thank all that donated gifts. The foster child in my home was able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas!! She comes from a family of five children, who at the time of entering foster care had been homeless, little to No food, worn clothing and shoes that were too small, and had lost all of their belongings when their mother got evicted. She had never experienced a Christmas with gifts she had asked for, The pixel purse has been her favorite item and the porcelain doll she says is just like her with blond hair and blue eyes. Thank you so Much for your generosity. -- C. Martin Foster Mom

My two boys received tablets for Christmas. They have enjoyed them so much that we have to schedule when they can use them or they will be on the tablets all day. They like learning and we have downloaded educational materials and games. Thank you very much. You have made two little boys very happy. -- Clara S. Foster Parent

Words alone can never express the gratitude in my heart. Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication to the children in Foster Care. Your generosity put huge smiles on my children’s faces when they saw the brand new bikes Christmas morning. Bikes that were the right size and each child had his own bike. They were so grateful. Being a kinship home, it meant a lot to us to see how happy our grandsons were because of your hard work and generosity -- Russell and Vickie Foster Parents

I wish the donors could have seen our kids’ faces when they received their new bikes! They were overjoyed and the really cool thing about bikes is...they are empowering! We all remember what it was like to get on our own mode of transportation (our own bike) as a kid. Just feeling the wind in your hair and knowing I am directing my own path. Well, for someone who has been through major trauma this feeling is magnified. Please give the donors our "magnified" THANK YOU's from the kids and staff of Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home. -- Mary Dickerman Development Operations

Thank you so much for your kindness to our foster children. I want you to know that one of our children received a gift card, he happened to receive another gift card for Christmas to the same store, so he had two. He chose to share one gift card with a close friend who was being evicted from his home and wasn't going to get a Christmas. So your kindness blessed our foster son who in turn blessed another child who otherwise wouldn't have received a Christmas gift at all. Thoughtfulness shared is a double blessing. -- R Smith Foster Parent

Thank you for the trampoline! Both of the young girls in our home have been sharing it and they are jumpers! I used to be the trampoline so I am thankful as well. -- Meridith I. Foster Parent

We are so fortunate for the wonderful community members/organizations who value foster children as much as I do. Not everyone is called to foster but we are all called to help. Thank you so much for helping my sweet son have an amazing Christmas, he deserved it! May God continue to bless you all! -- Stephanie N. Foster Parent

I am a relatively new foster parent to teenage girls. As you may or may not know from your own life, teenagers can be hard. They want to be cool and they want to be like all the other kids, but for foster kids it is especially hard to be like the other kids. Your gift allowed my 14 year old to get some nice running shoes for the upcoming spring track season. It allowed my 16 year old to get a couple shirts from one of the mall stores, just like all the other girls in her friend circle, as opposed to where I usually shop for her. Both my girls come out of poor families and I've had to replace a lot of their clothing, which gets expensive and can't be all the brand names the girls would love that help them fit in with their peers. Your gift helped them be a little less 'different' so I thank you for that. -- Joanne H. Foster Parent

Christmas Wish MADE our foster kids Christmas!! As foster parents it is so hard to make our kids feel like part of the family. A bright pink bike and our generation dolls for our girls made their wishes come true. We felt more supported by Christmas Wish than any other organization, including our own foster agency, this Christmas. I could tell the team of volunteers worked so hard to put smiles on less fortunate kid’s faces. We are very grateful!! -- -- N. Pettersson Foster Parent

My name is B and I am 17 years old. I have been in foster care on and off since I was 8 years old. I wanted to send a note thanking you for my gifts! I received a $60.00 Sally’s gift card that allowed me to purchase my OWN hair straightening iron. I have never had a professional iron and always wanted one. I love the books too! What you do makes it possible for kids like me to get awesome gifts! -- B Foster Child

Our children were able to experience normalcy as a result of your efforts, and kindness, to give them the gifts they wanted. Again, thank you! -- Angelica Matthews Caseworker DFPS

Thank you, for your kindness and generosity towards my foster children. Most foster children, when they come into care, are not allowed to bring any toys with them. The chaos involved in the removal and placement usually don’t allow for the thought of toys. Christmas Wish Project for foster kids is like an adult hitting the lottery. Ninety-five percent of the foster kids I have cared for have never experience a happy Christmas let-a-lone one that involved presents. We take so much for granted and most times think everyone else is as fortunate as us. This year, CWP provided gifts for my four foster children. -- L Mangana Foster Parent

Thank you for N’s VTech Pony. She is a little delayed for her age due to abuse so the Pony with all the sounds and lights is perfect for her. She has not mastered getting on the pony by herself yet but she sure does try. She also loves to hug her talking baby doll. Thank you for C’s Fisher Price Light Bar. Up until about a month ago doctors were not sure if he was seeing. He is surely seeing now and to watch him smile and kick as the lights light up, it just takes my breath away, he can see the lights. Also, the bed rail toy that he received has been a blessing at bed time. I cannot express how appreciative I am of your generous giving to the three foster children I am caring for. It was awesome to see their eyes light up Christmas morning with all the gifts they had to open, and, trust me, they have not stopped playing with them. Again, thank you for all that you do to make a foster child's Christmas a joyous one. -- Charlotte R. ESL First Grade Teacher & Foster Parent

We just want to thank the amazing donors who generously donated time or finances to our foster son as well as many other foster children in Tarrant County. It was such a blessing and relief to receive a bicycle to give our son for Christmas. He has been wanting one since he came to our home in early April, and finally, he was able to receive one! It was his most cherished gift this Christmas and he wants to come home and ride it every day! -- R. Macharia Foster Parent

The smiles on the Children faces was worth a million dollars . Thank you to everyone involved with a giving heart!. -- -- Visor Family

I would like to Thank all that was involved in making a different in (one) of my teens life, we both appreciated all that you did during the holidays, she was very happy about the gift cards, books, bike w/ helmet….she was able to purchase some of the things she likes….. -- Johnson Family

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much! What a wonderful blessing you have been to my 2 girls. They were so excited on Christmas morning to find their bikes waiting for them, and they have been riding them as much as possible ever since. Christmas was a really hard time this year for both girls, as it was their first Christmas while they were in care. Your gifts definitely made an impact on them, helped to ease their pain, and brought them much joy this year. Thank you again!!! -- Chris & Kristi Foster Parents

When a brand new foster baby came to me on Dec 13 with nothing but the diaper she had on, the feeling of knowing her Christmas gifts would not be another expense was a huge stress relief for our 5 foster kids.. Being that Christmas was only a few days away, Not to mention that CPS had decided this year to not provide any gift for children under one. Knowing that Christmas wish would help at the last min, and I min last min.....made such a difference!!! Thank you Christmas wish, thank you!!! -- Amber M. Foster Parent

I wish I could show you the smiles on the kids faces when they received their bikes….they were thrilled!! My littlest guy had two broken femurs when he came into care and is still unable to ride a bike or tricycle….the “ride-on” toy he received gave his SO much joy. He hopped on and took off….he almost looked surprised that he was able to keep up with the other children riding bikes. -- Robert & Alice F Foster Parents

We are the foster parents of 5 boys. Your generous donations allowed our boys to receive exactly what they asked for on Christmas. There are just no words to convey the expressions of ultimate Joy on their faces at Christmas. A child that has never had a Christmas before, you just have to see it. And there are just no words to adequately express our gratitude. -- Natalwalla Foster Parent

I cannot express enough what these gifts have meant. It wasn’t just toys to play with- I shared the sensory needs of our kids and Christmas Wish list gave our children so many awesome things to help them in their healing- things I had never even heard of that are helping our children gain more of the daily comfort they seek. The Rody horse has been the hit of the house and is often used for our two children who seek proprioceptive stimuli and has helped prevent major meltdowns each day. One of the gifts is like a fabric cocoon that helps a child find comfort in their very own safe space and our foster daughter loves to have it wrapped around her body to calm herself. We couldn’t have provided all these toys on our own and are so grateful for CWP meeting our great needs! Fostering is hard, especially fostering a sibling set who come from a very hard place, but this reminded us we aren’t alone. Thank you. -- Erin V. Foster Parent

I cannot thank you enough for all you did for the children on my case. I am a Family Based Safety Services and this year was a challenge getting presents for the children on my cases. I had a total 70 children assigned to me and many of them did not received presents. Your program not only made their Christmas amazing, but helped me make sure that these children knew that Santa was looking out for them. I was in tears come toy day and my lot was almost empty, then your email came and the rest , well is an amazing experience. These children come from broken homes and have experienced situations that children should never be exposed to. Many many thanks! -- Maria N. CPS FBSS Specialist IV

Thank you so much to the Christmas Wish Project for fulfilling gifts for my teenagers in care who wouldn’t have received anything otherwise. I appreciate everything your organization does for all of the children in foster care. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and is truly appreciated. -- E. Gutierrez BSW | CVS Specialist II

I/WE would like to give a SHOUT OUT for the Christmas we received for Christmas. It made it one of the best Christmas some of my kids had ever had. Words cannot express the joy they received in receiving their gifts, from books to New Bikes, even with helmets. Again, thank you all for being there for the foster youth. Lorraine B. and her Crew of all 5 teenage boys.


Thank you so much for the Christmas gifts for our foster daughter! I wish you could have seen her face when she opened the bed and horse for her doll. She was elated! When I picked up the gifts I teared up because of the generosity shown by people that had never met us. We had only requested a bed for her doll, so it was extra special that the horse was included...especially since our foster daughter had told us she wanted a real horse for Christmas! Thank you for helping take care of the kids in foster care. -- C. Hatfield Foster Parent

This year, through the generous gifts from CWP, it made tremendous impacted on my kiddos especially for ZP. ZP was living in the car, starving and never had Christmas gift before. ZP was excited, overjoyed and emotional when he received the Christmas. KE, was always wanting for a bike and jumped with joy upon receiving one. -- V Phan CPS Caseworker

Thank you so much for your generosity during the holidays. Our child was so delighted in the gifts he received. He loved and was excited about each gift. The donation was a blessing for our family as well because the holidays proved difficult times for us. Our family wants to thank you for all of the love and kindness showed towards God's children. He will bless you tremendously for your deed and we are grateful. Thank you so much! -- Sanchez Family

There is nothing like your organization and the care you give in selecting the gifts these kids dream about, but never thought they would ever receive. How you make it all come together is a “God thing” as I’ve heard said on more than one occasion over the years. -- T. Sloan

The gifts provided by CWP were thoughtfully selected per my children's interests and ages. I was very impressed by the care and attention given to making sure they received gifts that had obviously been chosen just for them. 

It makes the kiddos feel important and like someone has noticed their uniqueness.
Thank you so much!  G Ford
I find great pleasure in saying thank you for the gifts for my children.  I have a 6 and a 9 year old and they wanted tablets.  And the Christmas Wish Project of Tarrant County provided.  It really didn't matter what else they received, the tablets were a "dream of true," their words, not mine.  You guys have not disappointed, ever. l Thank you so much and may God bless you for your kindness and contribution of the children. C Foley

I am so sorry that I forgot to send a thank you note. Am so grateful for you guys. The kids really enjoyed their gifts. The smiles were priceless. Thank you from the bottom of our heatt.  The Turners