Thank you notes from 2019 Foster Parents 


Dear Christmas Wish Project,  Wow! We were in tears. Our Foster Boy’s jaws dropped and they stood there stunned, when they saw new bikes in front of the tree!  Thank you so much for making their Christmas amazing.  God Bless you all! With much appreciation, Todd & Rene (foster parents) 


You GRAND LADIES have outdone yourselves in helping to make a Marvelous Christmas for the Foster youth. My kid was ecstatic with his gifts, believe this was his first Christmas to receive exactly what he had wished for. We cannot thank you enough. God Bless and Keep all of you. L. Bridges (foster parent) 


To all the CWP Santa helpers, Our family want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your gifts you sent J. A. our foster boy.  He was so exciting and played all day long with his presents.  If you had not done what you did and shared Christmas to us we would not have been able to provide so many wonderful gifts to him. This special Christmas was a blessing to him, as he lost his mother before Christmas. He was happy and busy with his new toys.  Thank you for caring about our children.  With much love, The Davis family 


God have given you’ll a gift for helping our foster children, I appreciate all that you do, and I pray God continue to Bless each one of you. Thanks for giving my foster baby a Beautiful Xmas. Powers foster family

I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you to the person who gave us the indoor needed trampoline for our foster son.  He has so many health issues and this not only helps him regulate, but his PT and OT are thrilled.  We use it all the time and it’s been a great blessing!  You really made Christmas amazing, and every day after that!!  He can now stand up and jump on it when the first several days he couldn’t.  It’s improved his walking and balance!! M. Jordan, foster mom

It is so awesome what you have done with all your generosity in even putting all this together, not to mention all the time, effort, and energy to pull all this off.  Ya’ll are angels. This year, we had little J as our foster child and he just loves his little Learning Chair.  Each and every day he walks over to it and touches it to play the ABC song. He also received a huge stuffed animal and several reading books. As well as a shopping extravaganza thingamajig.LOL. (It’s a grocery cart with all the goodies.) one would go shopping for.  Once again, it's amazing what you pull off and know that we as foster parents appreciate it beyond words in helping us help the littles in our care.  Many blessings sent your way,  J Wilson


We are overwhelmingly thankful for each person that has lifted our family up as we loved on two precious boys this year and this includes YOU! Our fostering journey is coming to an end as our boys get to go home in two weeks. With reunification eminent, they spent Christmas with their mama and I got to send their gifts for them to open with her. With so many firsts for the baby missed by mom and so many holidays spent apart already your gifts helped celebrate a new beginning for a hurting family. These memories will help lay a strong foundation for this family to build upon, hopefully for generations to come. Thank you Christmas wish project! Bailey G.


We want to thank you for the Christmas gifts for our kids as they were so excited about opening the gifts on Christmas Day. They all 5 were very happy to receive something they really wanted.  And we as foster parents were so happy to see the smiles on their faces when their wishes came true! Thank you for making this happen, S. Orr, family 


We are grateful for the gifts our child received this year. I want to express our Thank You! With a great big hug for your generosity on giving to children in our foster homes. May the Lord Bless everyone that gave of their time and means this year. Maria C.

Thank you from Abby. Abby is 12 years old and has been in foster care for over 18 months.  She was really enjoying her bike this summer and was heartbroken when she crashed. It was irreparable. Thankfully she wasn't hurt! With all that she has been through in her life, she has an incredible positive attitude.  She didn't complain.  It was our joy to see her face when she walked in the room to see her new bike.  The other was pink and frilly.  This one is perfect for a tween! She has been riding every day. Thank you for giving to Abby. Providing joy and happy memories for these kids walking through challenges is an incredible kindness and blessing.  K. D. 


The bean bag chair for our foster son who is autistic was just what he needed. He loves having his own place to feel isolated from all the distractions. Thank you for calling and figuring out a perfect gift for this special child. Much appreciated as his caregiver. H. Lands   


I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for the gifts that were given to our foster children - K and J. The gifts they received were very much appreciated and thoughtful. Jillian really enjoyed the LOL Dolls that she received and played with them for the entire afternoon. Katlyn really enjoyed her gift card to Target and has purchased clothing that she wanted and needed. You helped make Christmas enjoyable and memorable for our children.  M. Gilbreath


Thank you all for the wonderful gifts for my Girls thank you again for all of the hard work that it takes to put all of this together for the families.  R Johnson


Our family wants to let you know how special your help was this year. Our big foster baby (she’s 11!) was able to get caught up on the normal things a girl her age should have (skates, scooters, bikes, craft kits, books, etc.) much more easily because our family didn’t have to bear the burden alone of catching up for a lifetime of unmet needs. Your help with her skates and some other items, really made the holiday special for her. For our little baby foster (she’s 1!), she has been gaining so many new skills thanks to her little play table, which seems to make her feel big and gives her a different perspective on her toys (literally and figuratively)! She is also enjoying each and every baby shark toy she received this year. She is a very happy girl since baby shark is her love language! Jessica M


Thank you so much for taking the time to think about kids that have been put in a bad situation to no fault of their own! Seeing their faces on Christmas morning is an incredible feeling and without you we would not have that blessing! Bless you, Hill family 


The Tapia family wants to thank you for all you do for our kids.. They love there gift. Their faces are priceless. When they wake up in the morning and see THERE toys under the Christmas tree. God bless you for everything you do for them. 

Thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts for L and C. They loved opening their gifts. We feel so blessed by our community! S. Sims


The night before the Christmas wish project, I don’t know what to expect because we have never participated   But I said one prayer.  A prayer that I wouldn’t normally pray. I asked for a bike for my 5 year old foster child.  I had ran over his a few months earlier and it crushed him.  He wouldn’t let me throw it away and he still tried to ride it, in spite of only one working wheel.  The day I came to Christmas wish I was overwhelmed with the generosity.  I asked if the bikes were available and as I walked to the very last bike, I saw the exact one he wanted.  I cried big tears and thanked God for his faithfulness and for the faithfulness of His people.  It’s was the best and most blessed Christmas our family has ever had.  Andrea 

Thanks to goes to everyone that made this Christmas put a smile on A and C’s face at the ending of 2019. What a joy to see them happy and blessed. Sincerely, D. Williams 


Hi!! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all of the gifts and care that went into these presents for foster kiddos. We felt so blessed, to get presents for our sweet girl! Pick up day was SO organized and put together, I truly couldn’t have asked for anything more. So thank you, thank you for seeing these kids, for providing toys and gifts and for putting in so much dang work!!!  Courtney S


Thank you so much for providing gift for our foster kids. My kids loved their gifts and have played with them so much! We truly appreciate your time and willingness to make sure all foster children have an unforgettable Christmas!  S. Johntson


Hi, I’m Ms. Hawkins and I just wanted to say thanks to all those who made my foster child’s Christmas list come true.  She was very excited and appreciative for what she received and I thank God for people like you all. Once again, thank you so much for what you did for my foster child. Be blessed and have a prosperous new year.

My teenage foster kids are enjoying the great books you selected for them. I am so glad you asked for their interests on the application! They did love the shopping trip using their gift cards too. It was all so nice for them.  Grateful! Anna R. foster mom to teens


My Boys are very grateful for the gifts they received from the Christmas Wish Project.  They were so excited on Christmas day, stating; "This is the Best Christmas"! Thank you so much and may GOD Bless you Richly.  Johnnie 


Hello to the Amazing Women behind CWP - our boys were blessed by the loving gifts you provided this year.  Thank you to all of the sponsors that made the gifts possible.  Our boys have never been shown such love by these meaningful gifts. They are enjoying their balance bike, legos, books & most importantly the spirit of Christmas after experiencing the love shown by your organization. Thank you from our family to each of yours. Take care, Lauren L


Dear Christmas Wish Project,  Please accept this email expressing our sincere thanks for the wonderful Christmas gifts you presented to our four foster children.   They were able to enjoy a game at the Dallas Mavericks because of the generosity of your committed donors.   This was their first time to a live professional basketball game and they were not disappointed.  As sports fan, they thoroughly enjoyed the game and expressed this was the best Christmas gift ever. Thank you for all you do for the foster children in our area.  As foster parents, we are sincerely grateful for your hard work year after year.  Wishing you and CWP a very Happy New Year. The May Family 


Thank you all, I really want to thank you all again for the wonderful gifts!  Christmas was fantastic for our teenage boys!  They absolutely love the bikes they got!  We appreciate you kindness and generosity!  May God Bless you all.  Sincerely, Sampley Foster Home  


 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Christmas Wish Project team and all those that donated the thousands of toys, electronics, bikes and more to put such big smiles on so many boys and girls faces this Christmas.  Our little 11 month old foster baby boy was all smiles when he opened the fun musical toys, sit and walk transition big toy, books and more.  :). He actually started crawling for the first time 2 days after Christmas playing with one of the toys given to him by the Christmas wish project team.  May God bless you all back many times over for your thought -fulness, giving and time invested in this precious endeavor.  We appreciate you! Blessings and hugs, Hall Family 


I want to thank you for the gifts You helped provide. As a single mom this was especially tough and I can’t express in words how thankful I am for the help with making Christmas special. Thank you so much  A. Nelson

Thank you so much for the bounce house you provided for R for Christmas. I wish you could have seen her eyes when she came into the living room on Christmas morning. Santa thought it would be a great idea to have the bounce house inflated before she woke up. She climbed right in laughing and jumping. She did not care about opening up any other presents. The bounce house was by far her favorite. We finally were able to open her other gifts before dinner. She has jumped every day since Christmas. Thank you so much for R’s Little Tikes Activity Garden Play House. He knew it was his on Christmas morning; he went right over to it and started playing. He grabs a stuffed animal and sits in the middle and plays forever. He especially loves to get in our laps and read his new books to him. 


Thank you so much for helping to bring joy to these kids during Christmas. Being separated from family is hard and during the holidays it gets even harder. Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping foster parents give these children a little bit of Christmas magic. J. Dye


I heard a story this year about a child who had become old enough to question the idea of Santa Claus. His dad listened to the child's doubts and then he said "My child, the idea of Santa Claus IS real. It's the spirit of giving without asking for anything in return." The child listened intently as his dad went on to say that "it was now the your job to keep that same spirit alive for the younger children." I am a grandmother caring for my granddaughter after CPS placed her with us. I had just been laid off when she was placed with us. And with all of her appointments and court dates, it's been like an unpaid full time job so I am still unemployed at this time. Your donations helped my family and many other families put smiles on the children’s' faces that might not have had a Christmas otherwise. I can tell you that my granddaughter loves her gifts and she plays with them every single day! So, it is with our whole heart that we THANK YOU for keeping the spirit of giving alive and bringing joy to so many!  Wally & Stacey B


Thank you so much for such an easy and child focused way to get gifts for our foster kiddos.  This organization and everyone that is a part of it are a blessing to the foster community! Merry Christmas!! B. Bradshaw

Our sibling group of 4 is all so thankful for their kindle tablets and our house is quiet and peaceful as each child has their very own tablet. We didn’t expect, but love the cases to keep them from breaking. Many blessing! Greystone Family 


Dear Becky, Wendy, Gail, Amy, Kathryn, April, & the (I'm sure) MANY helpers: Thank you just doesn't seem adequate for how much we appreciate all you did to help our foster sons have a terrific Christmas! We felt so awful that we made more work on you because we couldn't come pick the gifts up due to our baby being in the hospital. Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to deliver; it meant so much to us. They LOVE their gifts and we had such joy watching! Z .Bond


What you do for these children is HUGE and we are grateful for all your countless hours of work. It helps us feel appreciated as foster parents and it brightens foster children's days to receive gifts they have been wanting. We are grateful for each of you and thankful for your work in our community. Nathan B. foster dad 

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your toy donation! We were very surprised by the generosity shown to the sweet kiddos we have in our care! Thank you for blessing us all! Have a wonderful new year! Grateful recipient!!!! D. Wacker 


Our family would like to say thank you from the bottom of our heart’s for the amazing gifts that were donated to our beautiful foster daughter. I hope you understand what an amazing thing you’ve done and know we are greatly appreciative.  Thanks for caring. McCue family 


Daniel, Tyler and Dekota  thank you all very much They woke up at 5a and opened up all their presents they were very happy and amazed to have received a lot of presents from CWP as they sat down and count each present saying this was what I wanted the amazement and surprise on their faces  was priceless .  a Kodak moment!   Thanks for all that you d


Thank you for donating gifts and helping us bring a joyful Christmas to our kids. We are beyond thankful for your kindness. Without the help from all of you, we would not have been able to give our kids such a wonderful Christmas. The VisionQuest Group Home for Teenagers


This was our first year having a foster child during the Christmas season. We were very grateful with all that our child received! It is such a blessing to know that our kids have people who care enough to love on them during what might not be a happy time of year! Thank you as well, to all the volunteers to help out with Christmas Wish! God Bless you all for all you do! Sincerely, The Bednar’s 


Dear Christmas Wish Project Donors/Sponsors, my family and I would like to say thank you for your generosity and compassion with the Christmas gifts that you provided. You helped to make our 1st Christmas together a Christmas to remember. The children were so happy to receive the gifts given and I was blessed not to have so much pressure on me in providing them myself. May the good Lord, God return the favorite unto all who were involved with making this project a success. Sincerely, thankful!  The Wallace Family

Thank you for allowing these kids a Christmas in our home they will never forget. Just like our adopted kids they got what they wished for and it was brand new and they knew it couldn’t be taken away.  Ramsey family plus 4 

Thank you to all of the wonderful donors that made Christmas Wish Project a success this year. This year we had our first placement over Christmas. He arrived to us with very little clothing, school supplies, medical supplies, or toys. With our budget stretched to provide the necessary items he needed, it was such a relief to also be able to provide a fun-loving and exciting Christmas as well. Seeing his face light up as he saw gifts that he wanted under the tree, was a magical moment. He told us, "I can't believe I got what I asked for, usually I get clothes and shoes!" This brought tears to everyone's eye. Thank you, donors, for making his Christmas one of the most special he has ever experienced. 


Thank you and your team, for your tireless efforts that you exhibit year after year ensuring that our special people are not left out of God's second best gift, Jesus Christ being the first best gift that they will ever be able to receive. God himself will reward you all for your labor of LOVE. Be not weary in well doing for you all shall surely reap if you faint not.  Because you give it shall be given unto you good measures pressed down shaken together and running over. A blessed CHRIST mas and a rich New Year.   Yours in Christ, L. Patrick 


Christmas morning was a whole bunch of hyper kids who couldn’t get dressed fast enough to get outside and play with their scooters and bikes.  Thank goodness for the helmets. You ladies thought of everything to make their wishes come true! Kevon & BJ