Thank you notes from 2020 Foster Parents 


A few of the Thank you notes we received from foster parents and case workers this year 2020. 

I am a first year, first time foster parent and many things were hard to figure out in 2020. One thing that was easy, was Christmas! Thank you, Christmas Wish Project, for coming through for myself and my two sweet kiddos. This was their first time in care, so there were lots of uneasy feelings surrounding the holiday. We received a remote-control car that was opened, charged, and used immediately! His face was priceless. My 7-year-old asked for a kitchen play set and circled it in probably 4 "gift magazines" at Christmas time. Thank you for making those wishes come true and for going above and beyond with the additional foods, pots and pans, and the books! They are books very similar to those that they have read, but NONE were the same! :)

Thank you for your heart in giving and also in shopping! I feel like whomever shopped for my kiddos knew them personally! Thank you for your donation, time, intention, and most importantly for listening to GOD in providing for his children, My most sincere thanks, Traci R. (foster mom) 


For several years now we have been a foster family.  During that time, we have learned many things.  I think the most valuable lesson learned is that it truly takes a village to raise a child(ren).  So often, we as the foster family are given sole credit for the progress and advances the kids make during their time with us.  We often hear things like, "those kids are so lucky to have you guys".  Our most standard response is, "we are just as lucky to have them".  We truly believe this.  The kids often teach us as much as we teach them.  They teach us gratitude, humility, appreciation and most of all teach us to be thankful.  That thanks extends well beyond our family and to each and every family (in part or as a whole) that touch these kids' lives while they are in care and custody.  To the Christmas Wish Project family, and all of their most generous donors, please understand that you are part of the village.  Your hard work, dedication and generous donations help us make these kids Christmas' a little brighter.  Often times holidays and other special events are the most difficult for the kids.  It seems to be the time(s) they remember family the most.  Outside of the gifts provided by you provide smiles and hope.  You let these kids know someone cares.  For your care and compassion...THANK YOU!  We will make a difference for and with these children.  They are our future.  They will remember the kindness shown during Christmas.  A. Schultz  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonder gifts you helped to provide to our foster children that have been through so much in their short little lives.  I feel so much emphasis is on angel tree and other Christmas giving programs so we are so grateful that children in foster care are not forgotten. Thank you for serving these children and allowing them to have a memorable and magical Christmas. Andrea G

Hello my family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts to be able to see the joy on these boys faces when they actually got something that they asked Santa for is priceless!!  Never being a Mom before and then taking on 4 boys has been a life changer for sure and if I didn't have the support of all you guys, I don't know where I'd be but all of y'all's help to make this transition for us so much easier!!  THANK YOU ALL!   Elvira & Boys


Our foster son is 9 years old and has been through so much in that time frame.  To make it worse, his special needs make change even harder than a neurotypical foster child.  His self-esteem and confidence are greatly affected.  When he saw all the toys under the tree, he asked a million times if they were for him.  On Christmas morning, each package was unwrapped so slowly, each gift awed over, till we had to tell him to do the next one.  He kept asking if they were really all for him.  We had gotten him several gifts, but having so many seemed so magical to him. Thank you for bringing joy and magic into a life that hasn’t had enough of either! The Perry Family

Hello to all I pray all is well . My kiddos and I would like to thank you for all you did to make their Christmas wonderful doing these time in 2020.  We really appreciate all you do for the kids in care.  We love you’ll and pray you have a bless year and life.  Thanks again from the Ruffin Family. Much love 


Dear CWP Coordinators & Donors,
We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude and say a heartfelt thank you for all that you do! This is our third year as foster parents, and our third year taking part in the Christmas Wish Project for our kiddos!
Each year we are so impressed with how well the operation runs - it truly has gotten better and smoother each year! I am sure that you all had to overcome immense challenges this year with COVID making things generally difficult on many levels, but you did it and from the perspective of a thankful foster parent, it was seamless! I was not sure what to expect at pick up this year, but I will say I was super impressed to see when I drove up that there was a well-oiled, efficient process in place; it took me about 10 minutes total to give my name then drive around and wait for my trunk to be loaded. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped that day, in the cold and rain!!
This past year was hard for many and the generosity of all of you was felt in a big way. I am sure CWP felt even more special to many families who were not sure how to make Christmas happen in 2020, what with job losses or pay cuts due to lockdowns and whatnot. Programs like this are such a help to foster parents; it is nice to be able to give our kids a big, special Christmas each year with the help of kind souls like yourselves. It also just means a lot to know that other people care about the community of children in foster care! I pray that you all have a wonderful 2021 and that you are blessed richly for your kindness. Warmly, The Eyre Foster family

It was a wonderful feeling getting help and support for Christmas. We have four adopted kids as and one foster son in our home. It is a hard time of year emotionally. Getting the special gifts was a blessing. My foster son was excited about everything he received. Thank you to all the donors and a special thanks you too all the sweet ladies who organized and delivered gifts. Karen S.

To donors, volunteers 

Thank you so much for the blessings! You gave unconditionally. God bless you always. His grace is upon your life. Thank you very much  Bea T. 


I would like to take the time out to say how thankful and grateful I am for the donors giving their time and love to help with lighting up my boys heart with joy for Christmas. Thank you   Ms. Davis

I would like to take this time to thank ALL the volunteers and the entire Staff, Board, and Donors involved in making my Foster Child's experience a wonderful one.  His mother had to tell him "goodbye" at the beginning of December, making this month and the holidays more emotional than ever before.  My 8 yr old received a scooter, pjs, books, legos, and many more amazing gifts!  He has ridden that scooter all over the place and it's the highlight of his Christmas break.  Not only that, but he has been READING!!!  The books were amazing as they were specific to his reading level and interests, so he loves to read now!  Not having to go into debt just to put a smile on his face at Christmas was what put the smile on my own face.

Thank you all.  May God bless your efforts in this project for years to come.    H. Dowlen


Thank you so much for making this Christmas the best that my 4 Children has known. Two of them are from Tanzania Africa and they were ecstatic! The children got most of the items they had on their wish list and they could not believe it. Thank You Angel of Love;  The J Johnson Family 


THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your volunteer efforts and presents for my kiddos. It is very heartbreaking to think about a child going without a Christmas with all of the many challenges in their life. This time of year, no matter what the year has brought, children still carry hope, and with that hope, they wish for just one day to be genuinely happy. Your dedication and efforts to bringing these kids an amazing Christmas fulfill their happiness and gives them a reason to stay hopeful! Caseworker J. Thompson  With all my heart, THANK YOU!!!!!!! 


I want to give a big THANK YOU to all who donated their time, talent and treasure to make sure children in care are taken care of, felt care for, appreciated, thought of, loved. As a foster parent it is such a help and so much appreciated! Thank you. It is a joy to see kids reaction as they open gifts they wanted, from Santa!!! God Bless! R. Kline 

To All the People and Organizations who provided the children with gifts: 

I wanted to reach and and Thank you everyone who donated their time, money and and gifts for our kids.

It was so comforting, knowing that we could reach out for the help in providing gifts that the children to open Christmas Morning. From the bottom of my heart.... Thank you We sincerely appreciated everything.  Respectfully.  -Elizabeth M.


You all did it again Becky, Wendy, Gail, Amy, Kathryn and April, on behalf of my foster son.  I thank you all and all of the donors who made his Christmas a merry one.  May this year be a blessed one for you all and May God's steadfast peace be with you all. He is still drooling over his gifts.  J. Kindle


Thank you volunteers for your generously donating your time and donors for giving your resources to help our sweet baby girl have a wonderful Christmas! She absolutely loves her exersaucer and is currently bouncing and giggling her head off. The best part is in the exersaucer she is able to be eye level with her brothers (18 mos and 4 years old) and they all interact and play more together. Her Christmas pajamas and books were so thoughtful. WE especially LOVE the “Sofia for President book!!!” Thank you, so much and Happy New Year,! Sarita M. 


Dear Christmas Wish Project,

I would like to let you know how much your generous gifts meant to our children. This is the first year that they have been away from their family and they were having a difficult time. The youngest is four years old and he was elated to receive a bike from Santa. He has spent his days either outside riding or inside begging us to ride his bike. We also have an 11 year old that is very into baseball. He received a catcher mitt among other items. This was the main item he was asking for this Christmas so he can begin to work and practice for the possibility of playing catcher for the upcoming North Arlington Little League season. He has been a first baseman and pitcher, but his ultimate goal is to catch. It means the world to us to be able to see their faces on Christmas morning and know that they have received a bit of sunshine during a very difficult time in their life. It is a blessing to know that there are people that are so compassionate that they are willing to give to this wonderful cause. I hope you know how much you touch the lives of the children in your community that are going through a difficult time and what a true blessing you ! God bless you! Sincerely,  S. Jones


I just want to express my thanks for providing gifts to the children I work with that are in Kinship Care. These families stepped up to care for children in their families with little to no warning or time to prepare. Kinship families come in all shapes and sizes and many are not prepared for the extra financial consequences of bringing more children into their home. Through the Christmas Wish Project the burden on caregivers was eased knowing that Christmas would still be great! All the children loved their gifts. Thank you so much for keeping the holiday season bright and putting smiles on kid’s faces Christmas morning. Sincerely,  Jennifer O., LMSW


I cannot thank the donors enough for all that they have done for my children in care. Because of the donors, three of my youth who are in foster care received a Christmas morning that is truly unforgettable. Every item that they received were their top gifts that they requested and way more. The smiles, joy, and pure excitement gave them the opportunity to feel like “normal” children, helping to diminish the pain and worry of being away from home on the holidays. Foster parents sent many videos and pictures of the children shouting with excitement and in pure awe of their gifts. This act of kindness is something that I will never forget.  Thank you. Caseworker S. Thomas 


Thank you so much for everything you do for our foster children. You guys are so amazing. It takes a special person to give as you do. I pray that you guys are truly blessed for having such kind hearts. Our children are so touched by all you do. Most foster children believe that no one really cares for them. Every year my children know that more people than they know. Your small act of kindness really truly makes a big difference. Once again thank you and my God bless you for all that you do. Northington foster family 


The Hernandez Family would just like to take a second to thank all of you who poured your time and effort into making this year’s Christmas morning soo very special for our 2 loves!! Thank you so very much to all of the supporters and donors who contributed to the Christmas wish project. It takes an army I am sure. Especially during this time of pandemic and uncertainty in the world, it meant so much to our family to have the continued support from you all. We are so very thankful and blessed to of been able to receive amazing gifts for our lovebugs this year! You all are truly the best!!!  Blessings,


Zeke is only 8 months old he still laughed and smiled with each new gift he opened. The smile on his face makes our day, thank you from the bottom of our heart. We as foster parents are very thank full for your help to make Zeke's life a little better and give him something he would not have received. Thanks to everyone involved with the Christmas Wish Project your work is very much appreciated. Baldwin family

Thanks so much for the presents, our foster kiddos were very excited to play with their toy guitars and the new pjs were nice! They love the books too and we read them at night time before bed.  It was so great!  Amy & Dave, Foster parents


There are no words that I can say to show our appreciation of all the great gifts that were given. Hakim is really enjoying the books and basketball goal, He’s outside every day after school playing with it.  The gift card came in handy with some personal items needed. We wanted to show our gratitude by saying, Thank you, Foster parent Lowe


Thank you so much for the Christmas gifts! Our three-year-old foster son told everyone that Santa got him a Jeep!
He loves the ride-on vehicle and rides it from room to room in the house all day! With much thanks,

The Fischer Family 


This is our first foster placement. We had no idea what we were getting into. It has been the most overwhelming and fulfilling experience. On behalf of our family, we thank each person for their donations, countless hours and compassion. Our foster kids had never even experienced putting up a tree. The joy in their faces to see presents under the tree with their names on them should warm each one of your hearts. You are incredible. Thank!  A. Cutrer


We would like to thank you for your amazing generosity and dedication to foster children like my two foster children boys ages 5 and 11.  This year had been challenging and I knew I could not get them the toys they really wanted. The boys would have been grateful and thankful for whatever they would have received however, I knew the older one wanted a bicycle and the younger boy wanted a Kindle to learn and play educational games.  When I placed those items on the list of what the boys may want, I really didn't think CWP would have enough donations for the boys to receive exactly the toys they really wanted.  On the day of pick up, the volunteers brought out a large beautiful black bicycle and a box with books, a Kindle, spider man action figure and stem toys.  I tried to keep my composure in front of the volunteers but when I got to the edge of the parking lot, I cried and cried. I couldn't believe the generosity of the donors, the steadfastness and determination of the CWP organizers and the volunteers that work as Santa's elves to place bring sheer joy to our foster children.  As I write this thank you note to all involved, I am still emotional because the faces of my kids on Christmas morning were unforgettable.  Not to take anything from Santa Clause but I told both boys that these gifts came from families and businesses that had extra money and gifts to give children like them, so that they can have a wonderful Christmas.  The boys just stood there and said "other families with kids gave all these gifts to us"? I told them yes, they did, and we thank God for each of them.  I heard the little one say to his brother, "next Christmas we are going to give toys to them. Okay?   I smiled!!! Thank you, thank you and I thank God for all you do to bring joy to so many foster children in need!!! 

O. Richardson (foster parents)


The children were very happy, thankful and appreciative and surprised with their mouth wide open to have received so many presents from Christmas Wish Project on Christmas day. The 10- and 8-years old brothers stated all they ever get on Christmas was one present. We all thank you and appreciate all your efforts that you all put in to make it a merry Christmas for all of them because when they are happy on this day we all are. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FROM ALL OF US. M. McDowell and Kids


To the Christmas Wish Project Sponsors:

Thank you so much for the donations to all the kids in foster care. My foster kids were ecstatic when they woke up and saw their gifts under the tree. I think this was their first real Christmas and we were please to add to the number of gifts they received from Santa. Please continue to donate the Christmas Wish Project in upcoming years. We love this organization. We are so grateful that you all decided to create and operate such a needed organization. The kids in foster care need to know and be reminded that they are loved and cared for through the receipt of lots of toys, books, and PJs for Christmas. These gifts brought so much joy to our foster kids. Thank you all so much! Thanks a million! Lynn and Verlinda N.


Dear All involved in the Christmas Wish Project,

We at Home 9 at Fosters Home for Children are so thankful for all you did for our precious kids and all the other precious kids in Foster Care.  You helped make the holiday special for them while they had to deal with feelings of not being with family or even the thought of not ever having a special Christmas before.

Our particular 6 kids, from ages 3 through 10 were blessed with new bicycles, books, pajamas, board games, Lego sets, doll houses, Karaoke machine, baby dolls and so much more!  They could not believe how someone that didn’t even know them went out and picked out something so specific they had asked for from Santa.   We cannot express enough how thankful we are to have experienced this blessing.  We hope you had a special holiday with family and friends and a special warmth knowing you made someone else smile.

Thank you to Becky for getting our gifts to us in Weatherford. Love to all, A & J Rea 


Dear Donors,

Foster children don’t often have much to call their own. To receive a stack of brand -new clothes that fit just right and a pile of new toys is a very meaningful experience. Our placements had a magical morning opening their gifts and I could see the self-esteem pour over their little faces. My husband and I do not have family out here in Texas and are very isolated due to COVID-19 restrictions. To have a stranger pour so much love over our children really made us feel loved and cared for. Being a foster parent is very challenging and we carry many burdens on our shoulders through the year. To have these gifts was a real blessing to our home and it felt good to have someone care. Thank you for the time and effort given to make holiday magic for our home.  We are so thankful and would like to volunteer with this program in the future. Thank you!  Bolanos Family 


Dear Volunteers & Donors of The Christmas Wish Project, thank you so much for thinking of my foster children this Christmas. It was very thoughtful and generous of you all to get them the books and gift cards. My family and I would like to thank you for all gifts. They were all excited! And stated this was the best Christmas they had ever had! I could not have done it without your help! You truly made this Christmas a great one! I hope that you and your family had a great Christmas & New Year! Sincerely The Ortiz Family 


I appreciate the love that was shared from everyone during the time that you all took to put together gifts for our sweet 3-year-old foster daughter. The balance bike and dress up clothes made her Christmas day so amazing. She had the biggest smile on her face as she rode through the house in her Ana dress telling us she was a princess. Thank you for being the angels for our family. I hope that you had a amazing Holiday as well. Much love, The Garza's and Tommie (3year old female)


To All who made this Christmas possible. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS you all. This Christmas was a blessing to us and our children. We have 3 and they all were looking forward to Christmas this year. With all the challenges in 2020 this was to be our greatest challenge.  A few days after Thanksgiving my wife and I both got covid-19 and were unable to shop for the kids for Christmas. We spent a good time in the hospital and in Dr's offices. We were unable to work as well.  I went to purchase a tree but was asked to leave the store due to me coughing and scaring other customers. We were unable to shop even for groceries. Our kids were in quarantine for the month of December and didn't even get a chance to go shopping, site seeing, visiting family or even friends. The kids were even out of school due to close contact and frustrated and sad. On December 21st our symptoms started to clear up enough to allow us to purchase a tree for the kid's. On Christmas morning with the gift's under the tree from this program, the EXCITEMENT in the kids voice and the look in their eyes was the BEST gift we could have ever received. They were screaming and yelling and singing with joy because of the wonderful gifts ALL you wonderful hard-working people gave to our children. The kid's LOVED all of their gift's and quickly began to play with them. Because of wonderful people like yourselves many children had a wonderful Christmas and will continue to believe. For EVERYONE who played a part from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for all your hard work and sacrifice's you made that no one but you and our GREAT LORD will ever really know.      B. Leal


I would like to send a very much appreciated thank you to all involved in taking care of our foster kids.  Without you, it would have a very sad day for our children.  Thank you and be blessed. N. Chastain


Hello Donors and volunteers,

It has been hard year for everybody, so thank you for giving, my 3 foster kids love their bikes from Santa and toys.  I was out of work for 3 months in hospital for 3 weeks with COVID-19 and only paid 3 weeks of 3 months.  Luckily i still have my job and right now working from home, so its been tough for many, money wise and health, so really appreciated.  L. Judson


Dear Kind Volunteers!   I cannot thank you enough for your kindness in volunteering to help our foster daughters have a great Christmas!  This is our first year as a foster family and we are blessed with two precious sisters in our home!  Our older foster daughter’s favorite gift was a guitar.  Just yesterday she was strumming on the guitar singing a made-up song about love and family.  My heart was swelling with the love I feel for her, and with gratitude for you and those like you who have helped in practical ways to help go through this journey!  My younger foster daughter’s favorite gift was a Little People house that she plays with every day!  I also appreciate the pajamas and the books.  I’ve been reading the “Little Leaders” book at night to my foster daughter and I love that she is hearing these amazing stories of strong black women that have come before.  I know God can work just as powerfully in her life! I really cannot put into words all we have learned in our first year of being a foster family, but the most touching thing I have learned is about the generosity of others.  We have truly learned we cannot do this of our own strength.  God gives us the inner strength to love these children every day, and people like you have reached out to fill so many practical needs.  Again, my heart is overflowing with gratitude for your kindness. With Sincere Appreciation, J. Joiner and Family


Thank you to everyone that contributed, sacrificed their time and donated gifts.  We are all aware of the many lives lost, jobs lost and impact that Covid has taken upon our everyday lives. My husband and I never imagined raising a 1 and 3 year old all over again, yet God had another plan. These precious little Angel's woke up to find gifts this past Christmas morning because of the generosity that all of your Donors, Philanthropists and just hard-working organizers put into action. I just wanted to say Thank you and many blessings for this project to continue. God Bless, Keo & Ray (foster parents)


As first year foster parents, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect with many things throughout the year, but especially Christmas. When our permanency caseworker told us about Christmas Wish Project, we were excited, but still didn’t quite know what to expect. When we realized that Elle would be gifted exactly what her biggest want was, we were ecstatic for her! She is such a deserving little girl, who has always had questionable holidays. Seeing her face light up on Christmas morning was more than we could have hoped for! She immediately began jumping on her personal trampoline and has played with it multiple times a day since then. Receiving the trampoline was exactly what she needed. It helps her daily get out much needed energy while being quarantined, and I can’t think of a better gift for her.

Thank you so much Christmas Wish Project for helping to make our little girls Christmas perfect! The Wilson Family

I would like to once again give the Christmas project and its many donors a HUGE Thank You! I have 3 foster boys ages 5,15,and 16.  We received a bike and many toys and gift cards for my teenagers and lots of Books.   2020 has been a difficult year for us all and to put smiles on faces of the less fortunate is such a blessing. God Bless, E. King

**************************************************************************************************************************************To whom this letter may concern! I want to say thank you all so much for the Help that you gave, to our Foster Babies! When we pulled up there to pick up the toys, we were only expecting maybe 3 gifts. But when they walked to our truck, I couldn’t do anything but cry! All the beautiful gifts that were given to the children was so amazing! When we pulled off our back seat was full! On Christmas Day the smiles on these babies faces said everything!!! May God’s Blessings and Abundance be with each of you! And May the Christmas wish project be so Blessed with the abundance of God’s Grace and Mercy and Love Thank y’all so much!!!  Janice C. 


Dear Donors for our foster daughter,

Words cannot express how much it meant to our family to have received gifts for our foster daughter. She is only 8 months old so her needs change month to month and it was a huge relief to get things for her next stage of development, which has started already. We are learning so much by being a foster family, including how much support from The Lord and His faithful servants we desperately need to make it happen. He has provided through you and for that we say thank you and give God glory by continuing in His mission for our family. We pray for you, Numbers 6:25...“The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn His face towards you and give you peace.”       The Thomas Family


To the generous donors and supporters of the Christmas Wish Project, in a year like 2020, I am especially humbled and grateful for your generosity for foster children. When people were tightening their belts because they have to make sure they have enough for themselves and their families, you made the decision to give. My family got a call for two brothers the day before thanksgiving this year. We said yes, believing that God would provide and we would be able to meet all their needs. The Christmas Wish Project blessed these boys beyond measure on Christmas morning—we wrapped each gift separately, and they were so excited to open them. Big brother loved his balance bike, looks adorable in his pajamas, and adores having his new books read to him. Baby brother chews on his raffles all day, and was gifted a precious play mat with toys that he loves and are helping him grow stronger every day. Thank you so much for your gift of quiet generosity this year. For my family, for my boys, it made a difference. So grateful! M. Churchman


It is with great appreciation that I write to you today.   As many are struggling to scrape up a meal each day, trying to give their children a gift for Christmas was just out of the question.  It's a painful consequence for any parent to be in a position of not being able to provide for their children.  You are a shining star lighting the darkness and giving hope to many.  Words can't express the gratefulness one feels when they think of how you set aside time and shared with others.  God bless you with a hundred-fold return. Bless you all and have a wonderful and blessed New Year! D. Willis **************************************************************************************************************************************

To who it may concern, just wanted to express a heartfelt THANK YOU for the impact you have on our foster kids. The Christmas project is amazing and to be able to have gifts for my foster placements have been wonderful!  We are so appreciative of how much money, time and effort people have donated to make this happen. Blessings to all!   The Clark Family


Once, again, you all outdid yourselves!! This year was not easy in any way, shape or form, but you could not tell that it phased you all a bit, even though we know that it did! The amazing work you do, all year long, shows on pick up day and Christmas morning as well. Our kiddo is only two, and doesn't know who gave her what, but we know, and we are so grateful! Thank you all so much, once again, for all of your hard work! And to the vendors, and the person who volunteers the warehouse, thank you! We hope that you got to enjoy your Christmas as much as our kiddos did!   Sincerely, Stephanie B.

Thank you so much CWP volunteers and donors. It was such a blessing to my family and especially our children to be able to give them new bikes on Christmas Day. With 4 children in our home, 2 of our boys had been riding bikes that were much too small for them. These boys first learned to ride bikes this year in our home. They were ecstatic to receive their own bikes that they no longer need to share. We have been able to enjoy family bike rides around our neighborhood. Thank you so much for all the work and financial assistance you have put into making our Christmas extra special! Laurin A.


This was my first year receiving gifts from this program, and I was blown away by the generosity of people to give such amazing gifts to kids in foster care! These were huge gifts that were such a blessing to foster families and the children who are in their care. Thank you for supporting so many families this Christmas! M. Jones 


I want to express my deepest gratitude for all of the amazing gifts that were given to my foster daughters this Christmas! The things given to each of them were absolutely perfect and made their Christmas dreams come true. From the books, which they have not stopped reading, to the jammies that brought them warmth, to the incredible toys that have brought our family countless hours of playtime already, everything was so appreciated. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so very much. Annie C. Mom of 5 precious kids


Thank y’all so much for the wonderful gifts today. Y’all are like mind readers. My three-year-old that I requested the kitchen for is a Minnie Mouse lover and the Minnie Mouse kitchen is going to be a big hit on Christmas morning. Y’all are truly Santa’s.  Jeannie D.

This has probably been your biggest and most stressful year. Y’all are going above and beyond this year with taking on all the kids. And doing county by county delivery.  If you are a Christian. You will understand when I say there will be many crowns in heaven waiting for you all when you get there!! God bless you and your team for working so hard this year. C. Knowles


Wow! Thank you! My kids will love these gifts. It’s everything they wanted! Thanks again, Lila 


Good morning! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your gifts to our baby girl. We are so thankful people like you and your kindness brought me to tears. God bless all of you. You are so special to us. Laura & Rodney S.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work to be sure that our 4 foster children have a wonderful Christmas.  We so appreciate you building the bikes and exersaucer for us! God bless you. Jeannette G.

I just wanted to thank you all for the massive amount of time and work that you all put in to this amazing event. I was truly overwhelmed and brought to tears. I currently have two little foster boys. Both of them have medical issues. The items picked for them were more than I could have imagined. Items that will help with the one's sensory issues and a new chair that the little one can sit in and build up his muscles! So thoughtful toward each of their needs. Your outpouring of love and care truly is such a gift. I am beyond thankful! Please express my thanks to all involved. From a grateful, single foster mom!