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Christmas Wish gifts for Texas Foster Children

How did Christmas Wish Project get started?

The Christmas Wish Project began in 1989, when friends made an effort to help a single foster parent, in need during the holidays.  Today CWP works to give every foster child in Texas Region 3B his or her own personal "Christmas Wish", a treasured gift under the tree to open on Christmas morning.

Who does Christmas Wish Project Serve?

CWP provides Christmas gifts for foster children within the Texas DFPS CPS Region 3b Counties which includes Tarrant, Johnson, Hood, Palo Pinto, Parker, Erath and Somervell.  Foster children must have an open and active CPS case.  The foster child can be from another county but must be currently living in a 3b county foster home.

Is CWP affiliated with CPS or other organizations?

CWP is a separate, volunteer only, non-profit organization.  It is not affiliated with any other charity, private or government organization.  We do rely on and appreciate the help of the Tarrant County Foster Parents Associations, Foster Care Agencies, Child Protective Services, Our Community Our Kids and other placement agencies for confirmation and distribution.

Texas counties served by CWP
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