FOSTER PARENTS:  Please read the following guidelines before you complete this application. 


Calendar/Timeframe for 2020

  • Sunday, November 1st – Application enrollment begins

  • Friday, November 20th – Application deadline for current placements 

  • Sunday, December 20th – Distribution Day in Tarrant County

Christmas Wish Project provides Christmas gifts for foster children within the DFPS CPS Region 3b Counties which include Tarrant, Johnson, Hood, Palo Pinto, Parker, Erath and Somervell.  Foster children must live in a foster home located within one of these counties and have an open CPS case.  If you have any questions please email at christmaswishproject@gmail.com or contact Becky Haskin at 817-925-3264.

  • Children adopted before Christmas 2020 do not qualify.

  • All communication is with YOU, not your case worker.

  • Application deadline is Friday, November 20th, 2020.  NEW placements ONLY after this date.

  • Maximum value is $100 for this gift. 

  • Each child will receive age appropriate books for them to read or be read to.  These books are based on their interest  and reading level listed on the application.

  • If your foster child is 13 years or older, they may request a gift certificate for their wish gift.   Be sure to list a specific store only for the gift certificate.

  • Bikes are available for ages over 2 years.  We no longer give out 12” bikes and substitute with a more appropriate and safe balance bike.

  • Be as GENERAL as possible with your child's wish.  Gifts for children UNDER age 3 will be fulfilled with brands of our choice.   Example: Exersaucers, kitchens, gyms, trikes are purchased at best available price for best available brand. 

  • Be as SPECIFIC as necessary about your child's special needs or disabilities. Example: Your child would like an ethnic baby doll; Your child is 15 years old but functions as a 7 year old; Your child is afraid of loud noises, lights, or is physically or psychologically disabled in any way.

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, let us know ASAP if this foster child has been removed from your home prior to the distribution day or if you have received other foster children who qualify and need to be included for Christmas Gifts!

  • Pick up is Sunday, December 20th , from Noon to 4:00 pm. We cannot deliver, so please make arrangements to pick up.  Foster parents living outside Tarrant County will be notified separately of your pickup location or can pick up in Tarrant County on December 13th.  You must make arrangements with us for special exceptions.

  • The pick up location is kept secret until Friday, December 18th.  Please CHECK YOUR E-MAIL for map and address information.