A Few of the Thank you Notes from Foster Parents 2016

(Names changed for security reasons)

Special Thanks for M2G Ventures for our donated warehouse space,

 Barnes & Noble at N.E. Mall, Mark Brown mgr. for books and Fellowship of the Parks Church

A sample of the Thank you notes received from foster parents ……………..

We want to say Thank you for wonderful people that care so much for foster children and make their wishes come true. B and V we just loved their gifts. They live listening to music and singing and playing with the gifts they got. Blessings to all.  Elga P. 

I want to personally and humbly thank each and every one who helped in any way with the giving our children a wonderful and blessed Christmas Morning.  Everything was exceedingly abundant for what we and our children asked for.  Thank you so much for your time, effort and financial contributions for this wonderful cause.  As foster parents we see a lot of negativity from the unknowing public as to why we have so many children who look so differently, to the fits in public, to the people we deal with to help our children and their attitudes towards us and our children because of the demands of the job your kindness means so much.  I just really appreciate all that you all do for them to make Christmas special.....May God Bless each of you most abundantly. Thank you and Have a blessed day! J. Sampley


On behalf of unit F2 and my kiddos I just want to thank you wholeheartedly. My kiddos were very happy and appreciative. I heard no complaints from the teenagers on my case but instead received the following feedback, “I really like this “. And “I am so happy I get to purchase what I want”.  This was truly a blessing and one of the greatest Christmas’ for a lot of kids who have been in care for a while and were not expecting much at all. Thanks again!! S. Roberson, CPS


Christmas Wish Project of Tarrant County provided bikes for three children. The children are in a placement with a relative. The relative is raising the children on her own due to the parents not being involved. The relative is struggling financially and was not able to buy the children any Christmas gifts. Thanks to the Christmas Wish Project, the children had a wonderful Christmas. The relative is very thankful for the bikes, and the children love the bikes and are looking forward to riding them! A Reyes CPS

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the wonderful gifts my foster children received from Christmas Wish Project donors this year.  They got exactly what they asked for and even some extra gifts that were perfect for their ages and personalities!  They have been having a blast playing with them ever since they opened them on Christmas morning. You all went above and beyond to bless these children and I am truly grateful. May God bless you in return, Danielle W.


Our family just wants to say thank you so much for the gifts that we received. The kids truly enjoyed their gifts, their eyes were bright and their hearts were filled. They were able to get the toys that they wanted and thoroughly enjoyed the time playing with them. The oldest one said, this was the most he's ever gotten and he's 10 years old.
Thank you.  The smith family

I just want to thank you ladies for your hard work & dedication to these kids and for creating a Christmas morning that will be a wonderful memory during a hard time in their lives. My little guy was so excited to get his new bike. It was such a joy to see the gleam in his eyes & excitement on his face; he took his 1st spin in Christmas pajamas.

Thanks again for all you do!  Dawna G.


 Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the Foot Locker gift card. I was finally able to get a pair of Air Huarache sneakers. J. Brown, foster kid

Thank you for the Lip Balm Maker and Kindle Fire HD.  I have already made three different lip balms. I am happy and grateful for my gifts. Anna K.

 Many of our foster care clients were blessed with wonderful gifts for Christmas 2016 by this organization. The children, their foster parents, and the staff here at KFI are immeasurably grateful for all the hard work and charitable blessings bestowed by those working behind the scenes at the Christmas Wish Project. Thank you for granting our wishes! Sincerely, T. Carroll, BA Case Manager, Kids First Inc.


I want to thank you for all that you have done for our foster children.  You have given them a big smile when they were sad.  My seven year old loves his bike so much that he always wants to ride it.  Many blessing to you and your families.  Again thank you so much for what you do! B. Garcia

The group of siblings came into our care mid of December and they went through a lot this year with unstable home environment, they indicated that they never had a good Christmas in their life.  CWP gifts brought them unforgettable Christmas and ease some painful feelings of being away from their own family. Again, thank you so much for loving and giving to the children in foster care this Christmas. Caseworker:  Vivian Phan, MSW (Jessika L, Jenifer L, Jayme L, Makayla P, Jesse N, Miles A, Selena M and Cesar M)


To everyone that made 5 siblings have a wonderful Christmas this year. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone involved with making the dreams of so many children come true. It is such a blessing to see the excitement of our children when they wake up and see the gifts our special Santa clauses have brought. May God bless each one of you. Thank you, V & E  Carpentiere

I would like to express my sincerest thank you for your donation to help make Christmas a awesome day for the families in need. These children were very gracious and very surprised when Santa arrived with gifts. The family sends their great appreciation and thank you for all you have done; not just for their family, but the many others. I hope this organization will be able to continue to make Christmas Bright for many more families in the future.  Best Wishes and Thank you, Chanel J , CPS Investigator


Thank you for your generosity this Christmas! Our foster daughter received the cutest little chair that matches my two other daughters. The three of them enjoy playing in them together- it's nice to be the same sometimes :) We really appreciate your help!  A. Leverton

This is our first time to have foster children and our first time to participate in Christmas Wish!  I had no idea how great it would be!  Our 3 year old had a birthday on Christmas as well and the bike he got made the day extra special!!  The surprise of new books was awesome!  I always want new books for the kids especially as new foster parents.  The Christmas gifts were a huge blessing for our foster kids and it was better than I imagined!  Thank you!    Meredith Ivey LPC-S, RPT-S


One of my kids got a Finding Dory toy that she could not stop kissing, another got the tricycle that he wanted and is going all around his house laughing, and my baby got a swing that gave the foster parents were very grateful for. This is only a couple of stories of how you made my kids Christmas a very special one. Thank you for everything you do- a very grateful caseworker. Maribel L, Caseworker

T was very excited to see her tricycle and kitchen play set on Christmas morning.  She loves play cooking and on some of these nice days, getting outside to ride her trike.  Thank you so much! C. Preeces

Wow, Just a Thank You is really not enough. Just wish you could see the kids face on seeing a new bike that is theirs & a gift card for  to purchase what they want.  K Ables


You 5 ladies will be blessed. You are being blessed, because you bless so many. My prayers are always with all of you.  I know it takes a lot of your time away from your friends and family during the holiday season. P. Rogers


     Many thanks to the donors of the Christmas Wish Project.  You have been instrumental in helping me make a wonderful Christmas for my foster children for so many years. I wish you could see and hear the joyous delights shouted each and every year as I do. You are greatly appreciated. I would like to say thank you from the 6 foster children 3 of the 6 are new to care and these children were so excited on Christmas day because if these kids had been with there bio parents they were expecting nothing.  The looks on their faces were priceless and in addition I sit and watch them play it is so rewarding to see children play like children.  Again I want to say thank you if not for your generosity these moments would not have been possible.  LaTonya G.


Thank you all so much for putting together Christmas gifts for our children every year. Though it may be stressful and have many, many moving parts, the gifts you all send our kids are so much appreciated. As a PMC worker, most of my children do not have any parents involved in their lives, and many do not have any families whatsoever. These gifts you all put together are sometimes the only gifts my kiddos receive. They look forward to these every year and I can tell you it still helps make them feel a little "normal" like their peers. Thanks again so much for all you do from CPS and all of our children!    Aimee H.   CPS Conservatorship Specialist III


From all of us! To all of you! Who so generously gave to ensure that the foster children of Tarrant County would have a great Christmas.... The boys love the bikes! Thank you so much. The foster parent and I am so grateful for all your time and effort in helping the foster kids. It is a tremendous help and may you all be blessed for your kindness and gratitude. Thank you,   Shaterra D., CPS CW


I want to thank you ladies for the most beautiful work y'all do for these kids, K was so excited & happy for the bike, and it was perfect! With God's help, the donations, & every blessing I hope the blessings continue! Thank you, Glenda R foster mom


I would like to thank each and every person that worked, donated or labored, to make this a wonderful Christmas 2016 for my foster children. To watch an 8 year old, 9 month old, and an 11 month old, the delight in their eyes, the smiles and giggles on their faces as they opened up each gift, was a joy to behold in itself. Each gift represented someone's love for others, and I want to return the love by saying for my foster children "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts".  May God continue to expand your boundaries, your prayers answered, finances increased, and you be surrounded by God's mercy and grace. E. Garrett

I would personally like to thank everyone for the donations. This was my first Christmas as a foster parent and this blessing help make the kids and myself have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks again. La Juana T

Thank you for all if your efforts in organizing such a wonderful event. My 2 year old foster daughter woke up on Christmas morning with the best expression of awe and excitement when she saw her pink tricycle!  The tricycle was her "special gift" from Santa. I know that it took a lot of hard word, time, coordinating and asking for donations to make this happen for kids in care. Thank You All! Sincerest Regards, T. Bailey


Words can't express how thankful I was to receive the toys for my foster children. I am a single foster mom, I have been fostering 36 years and God has given me a gift to love and care for my little Angels. Thank you so much for your love for helping children, God has given you a gift of love and compassion for children. Thank you and continue to do God's great work and you will receive your reward in Heaven. Thank You Lorraine P. 

Thank you for making the kids Christmas awesome! Thanks to the donors for the bikes, books and the tablets. The kids were excited. We were excited to see them so happy. Thanks for organizing this awesome and worthy project. Words cannot express the happiness on the kids face. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! V. Williams

I want to say thank you all for the things that you do time, effort and support. The children that have nothing you make it to where they have something even if it’s a moment that count to see a smile hug laugh and Christmas wish project help those kids feel something good. My kids and I appreciated everything you do I love it and keep blessing those who need thank you. L. Anderson

Thank you for blessing these two beautiful little girls. The joy and excitement of receiving such fantastic gifts from you all really made Christmas special.  I will forever be grateful for your assistance and dedication to foster kids.    C. Manning

The Christmas wish project have helped a lot of children in the foster care system for decades, have a good Christmas and not go withoutgifts to open on Christmas day. Foster children in Tarrant County are very fortunate they had people that cared enough to give them joy. Respectfully, C. McDonald Conservatorship Specialist III




I just want to thank y'all from the bottom of my heart for the gifts for my two foster kiddos. My daughter got a Barbie doll house and my son got a huge car garage set. The two play with their gifts daily and love them very much. We built the sets on Christmas Eve while they were sleeping. When they woke up, they were overjoyed! Thank u for making this year so special for them! Sincerely, Patience L


Thank you for providing all the gifts of love for all 5 of my children. This year was more than awesome; they received the choices they wished for.   Tonya H

Words cannot express how grateful our three precious babies were for all their gifts.  Our sweet three year old kept repeating, "these are all for me?" Our kids have been through so much and giving them one day where they can just be kids means more than you know.  These children deserve the world and thanks to your donors and volunteers they were able to experience it. We appreciate you all!    Stephanie

I would like to take the time to say thank you to all of the donors from S, J & R. The girls can't seem to put their tablets down. The tablets were a huge success with helping them with their reading and writing. Thanks again for putting a smile of the most innocent and most precious 7 year old girls faces. Bundle of love S. Davis


I want to thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for the gifts for K! She was very excited & happy! We are so blessed to have people like you ladies to put so much time & labor & love for the kids! Again thank you very much & may God continue to bless you'll for your wonderful works!  Have a happy new yearG Redding


I am a first time foster parent, and I was overwhelmed by the support and generosity of the Christmas Wish Project.  My two foster children each got more than one item that they wanted, and that helped them feel right at home here this Christmas.  My 16 year old even said that she was so excited because she hasn’t celebrated Christmas before.  This broke my heart!!  Thanks to people like you who donate to this wonderful project, she was able to have a happy Christmas. Ladies, I’d like to volunteer with your project next year, in any capacity that you need me.  Keep me in mind as you start organizing for next year!   P. Haston


The foster children in our care greatly benefitted from the generosity of those who gave and those who volunteered. These children come from a home that lives meagerly, and soon to be returned there. We deeply thank you and pray God's blessings for a bountiful 2017. R. Kline


Because of you our children woke up with gifts Christmas morning. Exactly what they wished for! Thank for spreading love even to last minute placements. Ahati, CPS 


 I wanted to extend a very sincere note of gratitude to all the ladies of Christmas Wish Project and the donors who make it all possible. As a foster parent licensed for 6 children, Christmas would be very strained without the assistance received from this organization. The holidays always see an increase in children placed into foster care, and children placed just before the holidays are not able to get onto "traditional" help lists. CWP goes the extra mile to ensure each child, regardless of placement date, receives an enjoyable Christmas. Having been on some of the "traditional" donation lists in the past, CWP is markedly outstanding as the children always receive quality gifts and items that they actually request. On the other lists, toys are usually very cheap quality that are not conducive to the typical foster child, and they are just thrown together making the end result very little that is actually useable. Thank you, Ladies of Christmas Wish Project, for making Christmas merry for my foster children! D. Kaufman


I am truly grateful for the help you gave to my family for the last three years. This year was especially special because I lost part of my retirement income due to overpayment on their part. This caused a shortage in finance, but thanks to Christmas Wish Project for helping to make this a joyous occasion for my two foster girls. I pray that God will keep blessing you for you all for the effort you put forth to be a blessing to the many, many families you serve.      Irma K.


Thanks for the generosity of those that provide gift and gift cards to the children in foster care. My foster teenagers were very excited to go shopping! D. Harrison


Please accept this note if sincerest thanks for the gifts bestowed on my seven little angels. Christmas morning was quite an even in the May household. The children loved each gift and especially the books. To you and your generous donors we again thank you for the commitment you make to these children. Together you fulfill God's command to take care of "the least of these" and for that I cannot say thanks enough. Be blessed as you continue being a blessing to others      The May Family


I truly appreciate the time and effort your team put in to make my foster care kids Christmas one to remember. The two older children love the tablets. Not only do they take them everywhere in the car to play with but also play with them at home. Thank you again for all that you do! Charlotte R.


The McElroy family, wanted to tell y'all how Happy and excited the children were to wake up and get their toys. Thank ya’ll for caring so much. "AGAIN "Thanks!


Thank you so much for the scooter!  I wasn't expecting one at all but I was very excited to receive it!  I have already been enjoying riding it with my neighborhood friends and I can keep up with them now.  It is kind people like you ladies that make Christmas so special for so many children like me in Tarrant County.  May God richly bless everyone involved in this endeavor.  L Morris


All I have to say waking up Christmas morning with my kids (8 in care) was a little more special with awesome gifts from complete strangers! We have 5 special needs boys that never dreamed they would get a Nintendo DS for Christmas. All ecstatic at the thought of their very own game system. Thank you all so much HUGE blessing!! Sherry H.


I want to thank you so much for your donation gifts for my foster/adopting children. I am a single mother and in the process of adopting my great niece and nephew along with having my own daughter. They are all toddlers so providing for all of them is hard and always challenging. I greatly appreciate all the help you do for all the foster children, they have been through so much already and what you do helps tremendously, even if you don't getsee it in person. Thank you very much. The Covington's


Thank you for the Walmart gift cards I was able to buy clothes for my job, for school and a jacket. I really appreciate you all!    Keriyon

We are so thankful for your generosity and kindness. My niece was so surprised and overwhelmed by the thoughtful gift card and gifts she was given. It was such a tremendous help to our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! R. Book


Thank you so much for the gracious gifts & donations. As a single mom & my foster child just coming at Thanksgiving it was truly a blessing and one less things I had to work since she trying to get her transitioned and settled. She is able to learn more with her Leap Pad platinum.  God Bless Stephanie S

We, the Garnett family do hope and pray that you all have enjoyed another lovely holiday setting as you have made possible for our family to enjoy. We send THANKS TO ALL OF YOU AND THE FAITHFUL SPONSORS that has given time and thought, wrapped up in caring love to support our children in foster care. Your Christmas Wish List organization has been a true blessing in our home for years now, and we take it not for granted all the hard work and labor of love that you put into this event each and every year. 

"5 Women on a Mission" is actually the dba for your organization. Just to encourage you,.... you all are full- filling and filling- full the wishes of the Word of God when it tells us to take care of the orphans and widows. My point is: You have waiting, a "GOLDEN CROWN".  What a leap of faith!!! Words cannot truly express our gratitude of thanks nor our appreciation for your continued program.  Each year on Christmas morning my chest is well extended to present the kids with gifts that I never could afford.  

Also, I wish you could be in every household to see the joy and happiness expressed on their faces. Again, a "Special Thanks" to each of you and the generosity of each donor that have the biggest hearts in the world to share with our families each year. Our hearts and our prayers are there for you. Be Blessed.  Lynn G

Thank you so much for the Little Tykes activity gym.  Our foster daughter (age 13 months) absolutely loves it and plays with it every day.  It is her favorite toy she received for Christmas.  It was such a blessing to her and our family. Many Blessings, the Troyer Family


Christmas morning was wonderful this year for our four foster kids. This was their first Christmas to recall and really take part in. Everything they opened caused a squeal!  e. It was hilarious and precious all at the same time.  Books are so appreciated and they love to be read to at night.   Many thanks! Sincerely, the Knowles family




I cannot begin to thank you enough for the gifts our kids have received from you! We do greatly appreciate all you do!! It takes a lot of hard work and time and dedication. May God bless you for all you do! Thanks you again!  The Martinez family 


The gift received from Christmas Wish Project was amazing and my foster son face when he opened the Paw Patrol present was priceless.   Thank you so much for helping to make his Christmas amazing. K. McNerney

I can't thank y'all enough! I have a sweet little boy with significant developmental delays, and he tries too hard to keep up with the big kids. This year, CWP gave him a tricycle that has a frame around it to keep him in. He now smiles so big as we push him on his bike. He doesn't speak, but the appreciation is written all over his face! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much. M Swafford


Thank you so much for your time and generosity this Christmas season. My 6 year old boy loved his Amazon tablet and race track set. My 4 year old girl was delighted to see Anna & Elsa from the movie Frozen under the Christmas tree for her. She also got a beautiful princess dress and tiara to play dress up. Thanks again for all the wonderful people who are involved in this labor of love. L Allen


Thank you, Christmas Wish, for providing such nice gifts for our two foster children. They loved their presents and have been playing with them since Christmas! Christmas Wish really helps us foster parents with a financial burden. In our own family, we have a total of 6 children. Christmas Wish helps make it possible for us to provide nice gifts for all of our kids. Thank you so much!   Elizabeth P


Our two babies received an outdoor climber, a play vacuum, and a water table. Our youngest has a hard time climbing and this taught her how to climb up, sit, and slide improve his gross motor skills. Our two also love to pretend to clean. The play vacuum had taught them both the back and forth motion of vacuuming and they love "helping" when I'm cleaning the house. We look forward to the day when they are big enough to use the real one. These gifts were a huge blessing to our kids and their eyes light up when they play with them. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.  The Johnson Family


We have a 7 year child that is special needs and have ADHD.  He needs to be very active so the skateboard was a terrific gift.  An older neighbor boy came out to show him some tricks to practice.  That just made his day. We also have his 5 year old brother who got a scooter from your organization.  He is a daredevil on it. The boys are learning to share and take turns with the action figures. Thank you for making this Christmas away from their home a very special one. K Cannon


We have a little girl who is a year old and was shaken; she's developmentally behind on her gross motor skills. We asked for a bouncy seat for her to gain muscle in her legs. She loves it!! She gets in there and bounces and stands! Thank you very much!! It's a blessing for these kids to have an amazing Christmas possibly the only Christmas they've had!  The Saez family!


Ladies, Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude for the Christmas Wish Project coming alongside our family and being a Blessing to my three Foster Children. May God continue to bless you as you Bless God's Children. It will be long remembered!  :)  The April Family!


I wanted to thank you so much for all that you do especially for my foster kids. Having 4 in addition to my children I would never have been able to provide the wonderful Christmas we had without your assistance. God Bless the ladies who work so hard for our kids and to the generous donations they receive on our behalf. You are truly a godsend to all of us. Sincerely J Robertson


Thank you so much for your outpouring of love. My foster daughter is so special and you made sure she experienced a special Christmas. She is young but she lived all the blinking lights on the toys and absolutely loves the interactive book. It was a fun and special Christmas in our household and you made it magical. Thank you for everything you do.  K. Eitel


This is my first year as a single foster mom and I was absolutely blown away by the kindness of strangers. My 10 month old received more gifts than I could have imagined! Not only did he receive gifts, but they were handpicked and you actually called me to make sure he would be getting a gift he "wanted". Yes, he is 10 months old and probably had no idea what was going on, but your kindness and generosity will be remembered, taught to him and paid forward. Thank you again for everything. It warms my heart knowing people and organizations like the Christmas Wish Project are out there!  Many blessings,   Avery C


Thank you!  Words can hardly express our appreciation for the Christmas gifts given to our 4 month old foster daughter.  CPS had notified us that they were unable to provide Christmas gifts but suggested we contact you. We immediately heard from you and our little angel had gifts under the tree. Thanks again for providing for these kids who have been placed in safe and loving environments, who deserve the fun, joy and magical experience of Christmas!  May you be blessed for your devotion and generosity! D & M


Thank you so much for making K and K. Happy little girls on Christmas morning .K was so excited when she open the tea cart and the doll and the princess carriage she plays with it every day it is her favorite. K loves her train and she was so excited to thank you for making their Christmas a Happy one. C. Moores


This is the first Christmas for my children without their biological family, and they had to testify against their abuser at the end of November. Needless to say, this holiday season has been extremely traumatic for these kids. The gifts they received from your generosity were the highlight of their gift unwrapping experience. My daughter squealed with delight (my ears are still ringing) at her big present and my son couldn't get his out of the packaging quick enough. Thank you for opening your heart to the desires of foster children. Sandy O


I would like to express my gratitude to The Christmas Wish Project and all the donors who not only helped make my foster children's Christmas so special, but all the Tarrant County Foster Children. I have been privileged to be a foster parent for ten years and it has been my experience that Christmas in foster care is, in most cases, the only Christmas they have ever had. So thank you for all that you do. You truly have a lifelong impact on foster children.  This year The Christmas Wish Project provided gifts for my four foster children. N loved the karaoke machine. N told me, "I can't believe I got a singing machine for Christmas". She also loved her Monster High doll and the books.
S. turned 3 on Christmas Eve; loves her "Choo Choo", alphabet train. A and L ended up leaving right before Christmas. AIDEN was placed with his paternal grandparents out of state. They were very thankful for the Christmas presents that were sent. (Fisher smart stages crawl around car, blue--fisher price dog and dump truck set, and books). His grandparents were truly grateful, with getting the last minute placement of their grandson; the gifts were truly a blessing. LOGAN was placed with his biological father out of state. His dad, a single father, was in tears with not only the blessing of receiving custody of his son in time for Christmas, but the fact that people loved his son enough to help make his Christmas so special. Thank you for the Little Tyke Carol, the Thomas the Train right on activity book, and the other books. Both of the brother’s families were so very thankful. Forever Grateful, J DYE


 Please accept our sincere thanks on behalf of the foster children in our home. After getting home and looking at the gifts, I was in total awe of how committed y'all are to these precious children. You have truly blessed our home with these gifts and again we truly thank you. Wishing each of you the merriest Christmas. Joanna D 

Thank you so much for the generous gifts for our baby J. This is our first year to foster and therefore our first time to witness this incredible outpouring of love and compassion for Tarrant County's foster kids. What an amazing service you provide! Thanks! J & B Cope


Last Sunday when I walked into the warehouse to pick up the gifts for our foster daughters I was overwhelmed by it all. The joy in the workers, all the volunteers, and the countless bikes and toys, all for kids who were going through tuff stuff. When I got our gifts and they were reviewing them with me, I couldn't hold back my tears. It just meant so much to me that so many people would want to help our family. When I got in the car I called my husband and just poured out tears of joy. I told him so much bad is reported every day, but today I saw so much good. It just means so much.  Mary P


I have always had an ego about excepting help from others until I became a foster parent. The Lord pushed me to a place where I had to allow others to serve us. Not only have I been blessed by being served but others are being blessed by serving. Thank you all for serving our families with love and selflessness. It really has meant so much to our family. S Lowry


I want to personally Thank you for the time and efforts that you all put in with the Christmas Wish Project.  I had learned that 15 of my kids on my workload were somehow left off a list for gifts/something happen to orders, lost, stolen etc.  But you all came through and in a big way! The response from our caregivers of these children was overwhelming!  They each were grateful and most all send pictures Christmas morning.  The smiles and joy that those kids expressed was heartwarming!  In my visits this month each child has shown me a toy that they received from Santa and Santa happen to gets these gifts from your project!! It was a pleasure and delight to work with you all. Thank you to all the donors and for all your support and assistance for these wonderful children. Stephanie F., LMSW Parental Child Safety Placement Specialist IV


2016 was our first year to be foster parents. I was so pleasantly surprised when Christmas rolled around and I was sent information on Christmas Wish Project. We filled out a "want" for our foster baby and picked up gifts (not just one as I expected, but two...plus two books!)for him and witnessed first-hand what a well-oiled machine this project truly is! The volunteers were friendly and the system was so efficient. What big hearts these folk have to help us provide a great Christmas for our kiddos! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Candice & Terry S


I wanted to express my appreciation of you and your organization during this Christmas season. My families were happy to receive your gifts of love for their children. I                    appreciate the hard work and commitment you’ve showed to ensure the children were able to have a great Christmas. Thank you all for everything. You are truly Angels right here on Earth J  


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us make out foster Children’s Christmas so special! Joe P


You have been a true blessing to us as foster parents, and our foster children!   M Ivey


My kiddos thoroughly enjoyed their gifts from your group! Thank you for your generosity and hard work! You are making a difference in the lives of kiddos from hard places that need to know people care about them!  A. Elder